Company Profile


         China Nerin is a professional engineering company mainly engaged in providing the services of engineering consulting, general contracting of project and equipment integration, etc. to the world customers in the industries of mining, beneficiation, smelting and processing of non-ferrous metals.

         Formerly named as "Nanchang Enginering and Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals", China Nerin is proud of being the engineering technology provider with remarkable technologies, competitiveness and brand influence in the field of nonferrous metals at home and abroad.

         By the end of 2021, Nerin staff number is over 1800, among them are 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 national design masters, 11 national non-ferrous industry design masters, 13 experts granted special government allowances, as well as 150 plus 1st- class senior engineers and 450 plus 2nd-class senior engineers. More than 550 engineers hold the national licenses of varied types. Nerin owns the kernal technologies in the fields of non-ferrous metal mine open-pit and deep well mining, beneficiation and leaching, flash metallurgy, bath metallurgy, copper electrolysis, copper hydrometallurgy, secondary copper recovery, non-ferrous metallurgical equipment, automation and intelligence of non-ferrous metallurgical process and acid production from metallurgic offgas, solid waste disposal in environment-friendly way and on-site pollution prevention and control.