A comfortable office environment delights people and doubles work efficiency as well. It might also trigger new ideas.
Featured by overall style of simplicity,
The building is provided with interior space efficiently segmented to different functional areas such as open work stations,
Cubicles and sofa discussion areas to satisfy the needs of collaboration among staff.

Spacious hall

First impression of Company;
Reception desk


The courtyard is lung of building, where green plants and flowing water bring vibrancy to the atmosphere and add to the warm and leisure feeling.

Office area

The office area has vertical clearance of 2.88 meters, giving freedom of height and high quality of light. The centralized air conditioner of fresh air system separates staff from smog and PM2.5, ensuring them to work with good health and pleasure.

Meeting room of round table

Spacious and bright meeting room, where brain storms are expected.

Dining hall

Eating well is a big thing for Chinese. China Nerin provides a dining hall for the staff to enjoy the meal.


Lounges bring more rest and relaxation, which help the staff get faster metal response, more enthusiasm for work, and higher work efficiency.