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China Nerin Won 58 Awards for Outstanding Engineering Consulting, Survey and Design Achievements in China Nonferrous Metal Construction Industry in 2022

Recently, China National Association for Non-Ferrous Metals Industries Construction issued the “Notice on Announcing the Evaluation Results of Engineering Consulting, Survey, Design and Information Technology Achievements in Nonferrous Metals Construction Industry in 2022”, and China Nerin won a total of 58 awards (including 12 first prizes, 27 second prizes, and 19 third prizes) for outstanding engineering consulting, survey and design achievements in China nonferrous metals construction industry in 2022. Among them, there are 7 first prizes, 12 second prizes and 10 third prizes for excellent engineering consulting achievements; 4 first prizes, 13 second prizes and 8 third prizes for excellent engineering design achievements; 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize for excellent engineering survey achievements; and 1 second prize for excellent standard design achievements.