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Concentrator Expansion Project Designed by China Nerin for Gold Ridge Mine in Solomon Islands Officially Put into Operation

On 29 November 2022, the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare, was present to celebrate the official feed to the concentrator designed by China Nerin for Gold Ridge Mine in Solomon Islands. Currently, the production operation is stable and it produces high quality alloyed gold and gold concentrate.

The concentrator is a brownfield project. The original beneficiation process of “slurrying + cyanidation leaching + activated carbon adsorption” was changed into a combined beneficiation process of “gravity concentration + flotation”. Located in the South Pacific Ocean with an average annual rainfall of more than 4000 mm, the project site is limited in space, and the Employer requested to utilize the existing facilities as much as possible. Nerin sent capable people for field survey,engineering design, and frequent communication with the Employer. For the purpose of reducing construction investment and facilitating future production management, which greatly decreased the Employers cost. At present, the processing capacity of the concentrator is stable at 6,000 t/d, and will be expanded to 10,000 t/d.

Now the project was successfully put into operation. It will provide high-quality raw materials for gold smelters at home and abroad and create rich economic benefits for enterprises. The project fully demonstrates the technical strength of China Nerin in the design of complex mine reconstruction and expansion projects at home and abroad.

Picture 1 Prime Minister Menasi Sogavare of Solomon Islands at the Celebration

Picture 2 Crushing-Grinding-Flotation Facilities Designed for Open Air Operation