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China Nerin Won 5 Design Awards (Industrial) of China Engineering and Consulting Industry

China Engineering & Consulting Association recently announced the "2021 Outstanding Engineering and Consulting Awards for Engineering Consulting, Architectural Engineering, and Municipal Engineering" (hereby referred as the Awards). China Nerin won 5 awards, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes, which account for nearly 20% of the total awards to the Chinese non-ferrous metals design industry.

The Awards are selected every second year by China Engineering & Consulting Association, aiming at enhancing the quality of engineering and consulting, guiding and encouraging design institutes and technicians to deliver projects of fine quality, high level and good benefits. The Industrial Engineering Awards were added as a new category in 2021 and honored in 2022 for the first time. The Industrial Awards are sub-categorized into 20 industries. In total 27 prizes went to the non-ferrous metals design industry this year, including 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 12 third prizes.

The winner of first prize, Kamoya Copper Cobalt Mine (DRC) - Phase 2 Oxidized Ore Project, was implemented by China Nerin for its full process engineering design, automation system integration, equipment supply and construction supervision. The project is another model of “going-out” under the joint efforts of China Nerin and Wanbao Mining Limited after China Nerin’s successful delivery on Kamoya Copper Cobalt Mine (DRC) - Phase 1 Project. The design capacity is 3000t/d ROM for mining and ore processing and the final products are standard copper cathode (25,000 t/a) and crude cobalt hydroxide (cobalt metal, 2000 t/a). It is a mega modern copper cobalt mine complex of exploration, mining, ore processing and hydrometallurgy. The project also won the 2020-2021 Quality Project Award of Non-ferrous Metals Industry.

The second prize winners of China Nerin are Deziwa Copper Cobalt Mine (DRC) Project and Rocklands Copper Concentrator Project (Australia); the third prize winners are High-efficient Green Treatment and Eco-friendly Recycling of Used Lead Batteries of Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd., and Copper Rod Phase 2 Expansion Project of Guangzhou JCC.