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Nerin Has Secured Another Excellence Award at the 24th China Patent Award

Lately China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has announced its decision for the 24th China Patent Award. Nerin’s invention patent, “Anti-pollution Three-dimensional Composite Anti-seepage Barrier System” (Patent No.: ZL 2013 1 0291574.4), has successfully won the Excellence Award at the 24th China Patent Award. So far Nerin have received 3 national patent awards for 3 of its patents.

The technology of the invention patent mentioned above addresses the problem of pollution to the environment likely caused by the pollution source diffusion following the underground water movement produced by the historical industrial activities or production process. It creates the “anti-pollution three-dimensional composite anti-seepage barrier system” by adopting such technological innovation as “horizontal composite anti-seepage + vertical annular anti-seepage + intelligent automatic pumping”, which can effectively solve the pollution source diffusion problem of the site in-situ control and protect the environment. This technology can be widely used in industrial activities (pollution) sites, industrial waste slag sites, domestic waste landfills and other environmental treatment scenarios, and can be adapted to local conditions, maximize investment savings, and achieve the best effect of risk management and control.

This technology is the result of persistent devotion and continuous technological innovation by Nerin’s technical team in the field of environmental remediation. In 2010, Nerin applied this technology for the first time in the safety and environment rectification project of Zijinshan Gold and Copper Mine, and achieved remarkable environmental, social and economic benefits. After that, the technology was also widely used in more than ten greenfield or pollution control projects undertaken by Nerin, such as Hangzhou Third Solid Waste Safety Landfill Project Phase 1, Contaminated Land Stage 1 Risk Control of Jiangxi Province Hazard and Waste Disposal Center, Polluted Environment Control and Treatment of Yujiang Domestic Garbage Dump, and Left-over Contaminated Industrial Site Pollution Control of Dayu Cobalt and Tungsten Smelter. Especially in the ecological environment renovation project of Yongping Copper Mine in 2021, Nerin technical team once again innovated the use of this technology to form a comprehensive three-dimensional composite anti-seepage barrier, and reached the expected control goals after the implementation of the project.

Safety and Environment Rectification Project of Zijinshan Gold and Copper Mine

Winning the Excellence Award this time again is not only the recognition by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for the effectiveness and fruitful outcomes of Nerin’s patent creation and application, but also the acknowledgement for the inheritance and innovation of Nerin’s inventor/designer in relevant technical fields. Nerin will take this award as an opportunity to further improve the innovation system and mechanism, increase intellectual property protection, accelerate seed technology cultivation, major scientific and technological R&D and technological achievements transformation, and contribute more "Nerin force" to the technological progress of China's non-ferrous industry.